Living with a child with special needs 

Every morning when I wake up ready for the day not knowing what mood courtney will be in as we get good days and bad days with her.

One of the things that breaks my heart is that courtney struggles to communicate her emotions , so it’s sometimes harder for me to get her to open about her feelings. Something that she does find helpful is a emotion chart which we have on our fridge , so when she needs to open up to me about how’s she’s feeling she will point to the picture emotion. 

One thing about Courtney is she a very outgoing bubbly and chatty girl so when u meet her u wouldn’t think she had any additional needs. So she kind of masks her difficulties.

Courtney will soon be 10 years old and is starting to see how different she is to other children. She see things they can do that she can’t like a simple thing like riding a bike we have tried lots with Courtney to ride a bike but her coordination difficulties make this really hard for her. 

Courtney has two younger brothers and she is really good with them. But she does also like to be alone she can play schools in her room for hours 🤗

Sometimes u have to tiptoe around courtney, especially when it comes to the other children wanting or needing something. For example jack got to cook for his school homework and I was discussing this with him when courtney got so frustrated and upset because she thought she was missing out even though she can do it with us.

Rountine is very important to courtney if u skip one little thing she gets cross so we use a visual timetable most days. 

Courtney does well at school. Although sometimes she comes home crying as she worries when she hasn’t finished her work even though the teacher tells her she can finish it then next day courtney doesn’t understand that she can. Her levels at school are about the same as a 5 year old, she can read a little but her main struggle is wriittng , she enjoys maths. She tries really hard at school and she really enjoys it. 

As a baby Courtney wasn’t a good sleeper she be awake all night and sleep all day but I guess that’s normal for a newborn. But from the age of one she’s been a brilliant sleeper no problem at all. 

Eating wise courtney was a very fussy eater she wouldn’t try new foods and she didn’t like any solid food. She had problems digesting food so she was on medication , she also had lactofree milk for few years. Now age 9 she’s a good eater and wil try most things 
Soon the next chapter for Courtney will be going to secoundary school, so far finding a school hasn’t been easy but my focus for the next few weeks is to view some more and find the right one for her and her needs. We viewed a few last year for her but they didn’t feel like the right one for her. So hopefully I will have good news regarding schools next time i do another blog so fingers crossed.


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I am a mum of 3 children my eldest is courtney who is 9 she has special educational needs and dyspraxia my middle child is jack who is 7 and then my youngest is Harry who is 16 months I want to write blogs and share my experiences as a mum and also as a mum of a child who has extra needs 🤗

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