The day I met my baby girl 

18th April 2007

At 7.19 pm I finally got to meet my baby girl I remember the night like it was yesterday it was one of the best days of my life she weighed 5pound8 I named her Courtney Beverley carol Brown she was beautiful 

The first few weeks being a mum 

I loved every minute of being a mum although it was hard sometimes courtney slept all day and was awake most nights but by the age of one she was settled in to a rountine and those sleepless nights were a distant memory. I enjoyed walks with her in her pram showing her off to family and people that stopped to look at her she was so beautiful

Hitting milestones

Courtney never crawled she bum shuffled at the time we didn’t think anything of it as we thought she would crawl in her own time 

Then she got to the age where people would ask is she walking ? Is she talking ? Does she do this does she do that ? Courtney didn’t walk until she was 18 months we just assumed she found it easy to get around by bum shuffling

But once she hit two years old she started nursery and that is when her speech delay was obvious her key worker was worried courtney was only saying mum and dad she started to use sign language that courtney managed to get the hang of Straight away 

Courtney had speech therapy at home and at nursery and made tiny steps socially she was a social butterfly no problems at all even though she couldn’t communicate as much as the other children 

Starting school 

Courtney was being assessed by lots of different people at this point so we had to find a school for her for the time being we picked one quite close to home she had speech therapy there everyday but really struggled with the basics of mainstream school , she found it hard and was so anxious she had wet herself everyday at this school 

Getting a Diagnosis and a new school 

We finally got a diagnosis for courtney she has dyspraxia , speech delay and learning difficulties 

We was offered a place at a speech and language unit that’s a hour away from our home but for courtneys needs it was the best option 

Within a year of being at that school she improved so much , getting much more help and her needs we’re being met she loves it and is settled 

Next step secoundary schools 

Our next step is to look at  secoundary schools which so far we have found hard we want to find the best one for her so my next blog will be about finding the right secoundary school for Courtney .


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I am a mum of 3 children my eldest is courtney who is 9 she has special educational needs and dyspraxia my middle child is jack who is 7 and then my youngest is Harry who is 16 months I want to write blogs and share my experiences as a mum and also as a mum of a child who has extra needs 🤗

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  1. This is lovely hun it is a insight to the struggles that ur family and courtney go through every day. Courtney is a beautiful lovely little girl and u must be so proud if her u are a amazing mum and very strong and u have written a amazing blog

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